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Gameplay & Features

In a Nutshell:

Dwarven Monster Slayers is a coop multiplayer action-RPG that blends old school role-playing gameplay with survival and stealth game mechanics. The game features tactical and team-based combat, exploration of an immersive underground world, a gripping background story, loot hunting, sandbox elements and much more. Alltogether, the game aims at creating a fluid gameplay that feels fresh and familiar at the same time.


  • Play your favorite dwarf – choose from different characters with distinctive strengths, weaknesses and personalities
  • Play alone, or with up to 5 players in coop mode
  • Chose to play either in first or third-person perspective
  • Explore a vast and mysterious dwarven dungeon and other areas of an immersive underground world
  • Caves and dungeons are populated by creatures which try to make their own way through and creatures of different species or factions also fight against each other.
  • Defeat your enemies by using your mind, skills, powerful spells and teamwork
  • Search and collect legendary loot and make profitable deals with the grumpy rat merchant
  • Use stealth tactics to your advantage and hide in the shadows if the going get’s too rough
  • Find ways to open portals to forgotten realms and challenge unique boss monsters
  • Dive deeper into the underworld, reveal a complex background lore piece by piece, and eventually discover the true fate of your dwarven ancestors

Game & Gameplay Details:

Let’s try to provide a more detailed description of the gameplay. To begin with, here are 5 famous games you might know already: Diablo, Borderlands, Killing Floor, The Forest, Thief. We think that all of these 5 are great games and among many others, such games inspired us to work on Dwarven Monster Slayers. So, what can you expect from this game?

First, Dwarven Monster Slayers is an action-RPG. So, you play a dwarven character and, like in most other RPGs, you can build up your character during the game’s progress. That means, for example, you gain experience, raise your level, distribute skill points, collect items, improve your equipment and just grow and develop your character. Moreover, each dwarven character has it’s very own personality and history, and, depening on your character, there are some exclusive pieces of the background lore which can only be revealed by that particular character.

This game is a cooperative game which rewards team work. While you can still play the full game alone, you will be more effective as a group and we believe it will also be more fun. While playing as a team, you can best utilize the particular strengths of the particular dwarves and compensate their weaknesses. Also, you will probably need a good group to be ready to face the highest difficulties and challenges later on. You can play in any team combination you like – 4 Slayers and 1 Battlepriest? No problem at all.

Combat is based on fast-paced realtime battles. There is a melee combat system and each character has access to a unique array of spells and abilities. On higher levels, we plan to make it possible to specialice in certain directions. We will add more details on the skill system at a later time.

This game involves survival elements. We want to create an immersive world where playerse can dive into and we believe we need some design elements to better achieve this goal. For example, you cannot endlessly run through the dungeon and do hack and slay. Well, probably you can do this for a while, but sooner or later, you need to rest, get some food, water, etc. Or you might die because you’ve overestimated your powers. In some cases, it’s better to carefully plan the next move and get back to the base camp from time to time. This game is supposed to be challenging so that success and progress really feel rewarding.

There also is a crafting system. For example, you will need to create base camps to rest and regenerate. By the way, while you are sleeping, the world will change because most monsters will remain active during that time. So, don’t expect the world to be exactly the same as before after you wake up. For instance, don’t be surprised if there is a new monster camp around the next corner..

Let’s talk about monsters. First, there are plenty of them, walking and lurking all around in the dungeons and caves of Berethil. While monsters might be savage, they are not mindless. Instead, they are AI-powered similiar to such games like Thief. If a monster sees you, chances are that it will attack you. However, if you hide behind a corner, or in the shadows, a monster usually won’t take notice. So, stealth tactics can be an option to avoid encounters which might be too dangerous. And more and more dangerous they will become the deeper you dive into the halls and caves of the underworld realms. Then, monsters might even fight each other which can solve some problems in a quite elegant way. Additional information on monsters is provided on this page.

This game also is much about the fun of collecting things. For example, such things include equipment, food, potions, story-relevant diary pages, crafting materials, unique collectibles, keys to open locked doors, runic stones, etc. As this game is supposed to create a little more realistic feel (as far as this is possible in a dwarven dungeon filled with monsters), items will not always be shiny and glowing. So, if you keep your eyes open, it might get rewared.

Last but not least, some words about story and lore. Definitely, this is something we take serious in this game. The lore deals with the Kargarath underworld and it’s mystersious inhabitants and especially focuses on the rise and ruin of the dwarven kingdom of Berethil. You can explore this lore by collecting books, records and diary pages written by multiple different characters. These characters have written down their stories and experiences and allow you to reveal the background lore from multiple narrative perspectives, even inlcluding monsters and villains.