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Dwarven Characters

Thordal, the Champion.

Most of his life, Thordal, son of Thorgrim, had been a commander within the guards of Pal’Rhodan. Then, however, after the death of his grandfather, he inherited an ancient runic stone. Soon, he realized that this stone holds the ancient powers to open the sealed gates of the forgotten dungeon of Berethil. Eventually, Thordal decided to put together a group of dwarves, all Berethilian descendants, and to reveal the true fate of their ancestors.

Dwarven Champions are brave and honorable warriors, always standing in the front lines. They use the ancient powers of their forefathers and mighty weapons to smash their foes and to protect their friends. Both heavy armor and protective magic allows them to survive even the most savage battles.

Grimm, the Slayer.
The Slayers of Berethil have dedicated their lives to the glory of the battle and to the faith in dwarven strength. They face their enemies with fearless furor and rather die than flee from a fight. Slayers avoid heavy armor to preserve their agility and speed and always use two weapons at a time, shining at raw melee dps and speed.

Dalin, the Mage.
Native dwarves usually refuse the guild magic taught at the arcane academies. However, being born and grown up on the overworld, a few of the descendants of Berethil have overruled these traditional denials. These dwarves have learned to master the elements of ice and fire to bring destructive magic over their enemies.

Borgo, the Battlepriest.
The Battlepriests are faithful warriors who are familiar with channeling the powers of both light and shadow. Battlepriests are great supporters in battle and are able to heal allies from a distance and inflict monsters with deadly dots. When the going get’s rough they are not afraid to swing their battlehammer though.

Falgrim, the Hunter.

This character is planned to be added later.

Alrik, the Engineer.
Check out the media galleries to find some pictures of him