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Beneath the harsh and unforgiving mountains of Kargarath lies a vast and uncharted underworld, hidden by the icy glaciers of the north and long forgotten by the rest of the world. A part of this underworld is the lost dwarven realm of Berethil. Chronicles tell that the mad dwarven King Angrobash sealed the southern gates himself, leaving more than 200 of his loyal people behind and left for dead.

Today, centuries after the exodus, the fate of Berethil seems to have been fallen into oblivion. Descendants of the remaining dwarves are all scattered throughout the lands. One day, one of them, Thordal, son of Thorgrim, inherits an ancient stone after the death of his grandfather. Soon he realizes that the stone keeps ancient powers which were believed to be lost forever.

Holding the key to the sealed gates of Berethil, Thordal boldly decides to reveal the forgotten legacy of his forefathers. He makes up his mind to go on a journey larger than life and more dangerous than anything he had faced before.

Indeed, Thordal knows that he will not be able to master this adventure alone. So, he brings together a group of four brave dwarves to dive down deep into a grim and mysterious underworld.