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Welcome, traveller!

Dwarven Monster Slayers is an in-development PC indie FPS video game featuring coop multiplayer action-RPG gameplay in a grim fantasy world. And it’s about dwarves!

In this game players slip into the roles of dwarven heroes with unique and distinctive strengths, weaknesses and personalities. Following the dwarves on their dangerous journey to recover the forgotten legacy of their forefathers, you discover a sinister underground world and fight your way through an ancient dwarven dungeon which has been taken over by hordes of goblins and trolls a long time before. While venturing deeper into the underworld realms, you will experience that trolls are not the worst to find beneath the mountains of Kargarath.

The gameplay offers a mix of fast-paced tactical battles, RPG character development and elements of survival, defense and stealth gameplay. To defeat your enemies, use whatever fits the situation, let it be brute melee combat, powerful spells or your skills, mind and team work. Finally, do not forget that the underworld holds valuable treasures and legendary secrets for the brave to find. Don’t miss to check this website for further information. If you want, you can start here: Gameplay & Features

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