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On your journey through the underworld of Kargarath you will face different creatures which live in the dwarven dungeon and the surrounding caves. Many of them won’t be pleased to meet you so be prepared to either fight or stay out of their way. Notably, there seem to be hostilities between some factions and species. Thus,¬†instead of chiming into battle too eagerly, it might be clever to let them fight each other first if the situation allows.


Goblins are one of the most common and numerous humanoid inhabitants living in the caves beneath the Kargarath mountains even though they are non-native residents. Nevertheless, these days, after the vanishing of the dwarves, it seems that they have completely taken control over the dungeon of Berethil. They are small but usually bad-tempered and they tend to come in groups. So, this is reason enough to not underestimate them. Moreover, they have shamans and warlocks in their ranks which are able to channel unpredictable kinds of ritual magic.



After centuries of an ever-sustaining conflict, trolls probably are the most lasting and well-known enemies of the old Berethil dwarves. They are not as numerous as the goblins, but most of them are sturdy and big so they make up dangerous enemies in combat. Recently, they seem to have forged some kind of alliance with the goblins.



The underground caves of Kargarath are homes to various kinds of animals such as spiders, rats and other creepy creatures. It is told that some of them have grown to monstrous sizes which actually makes them considerable threats.


Rock Golems

The rock golems are true natives to the underground caves and some of them are as old as the mountains itself. It is written that the old Berethil dwarves shared great respect for them. And distance. The best way to deal with rock golems is to completely stay out of their way. Their stone-hard skin makes it incredibly difficult to inflict any considerable damage to them by phyiscal means.


The Undead

So far, little is known on what the Berethil chronicles describe as the resurrection of the dead. While some of their minions might have been faithful and honorable heroes during their lifetimes, a kind of unholy magic has eventually turned these cursed souls into sinister and restless abominations. Notably, the ranks of the undead seem to consume any kinds of species. Once they have been converted, even those who were bitter enemies during their lifetimes fight side-by-side after death. The chronicles tell about an ancient crypt that is deeply hidden beneath the mountains and which is believed to be the source of the unholy magic. But who desires to approach such terrific horrors?



An ancient dwarven lore tells about a baneful encounter with demons at a time which lies long in the past. While the lore lacks further information, at least it has been passed on that some of the old tunnels have been brought to a collapse and additionally locked with powerful magic seals. Only true heroes might be able to reveal the truth.