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When is this game released?
When it’s done.

For which platforms is this game released?

Planned target platforms include Windows, Mac and Linux.


Can I play this game in both singleplayer and multiplayer?
Yes, you can play alone, or with up to 5 players in total via internet and LAN.


Technically, this is a first-person shooter (FPS), right?
While it’s not a shooter in the first place you can play in both first and third-person mode.


Are multiple players allowed to play the same character classes in a multiplayer game?
Probably yes, but we still need to spend some more thoughts on this aspect


I’ve heard that this all started as a Warcraft III custom map. Where can I download this map?
The original WCIII map can be downloaded here.


What are the differences between this standalone game and the original Warcraft III map?
The Warcraft III version is a fast-paced hack & slay RPG, played from a typical dungeon-crawler top-down perspective. Players need to survive a number of waves while monsters are always running towards the players. In contrast, the standalone game is much more of an RPG (featuring 1st and 3rd person control) and it is a much more complex and feature-rich game overall, also featuring survival and stealth elements, simulation of a populated world, a complex lore, etc. So, the two game variants are quite different but they both share some names, dwarven characters and a strong focus on teamplay.


Who is developing this game?
This game is developed by Mad Dungeon, a small but passionate indie video game studio. Mad Dungeon is run by Moritz (aka moco). Moritz is an indie developer who loves to create games and who takes care of programming, level design and overall game design. As it regards lore design and story writing, Malte supports Moritz since he is a true old school pen & paper dungeon master veteran. Then, chances are that you also meet Marcus (especially on game conferences) because he helps where he  can. Last but not least, in times of need, Moritz calls upon some brave freelancers to create glorious 3D art and audio content. We are all gamers ourselves and we love to play coop games with friends on Friday evenings over good old LAN. This motivates us to create interesting games we actually want to play ourselves. Currently, we do our game development activities next to full-time jobs during our free time.


Do you plan to expand the team?
If this project is a success, we can imagine to expand the team in the future. This would allow us to provide more content and also to be faster with development progress. Also, we already have more concepts in mind for other interesting games we would like to develop in the future.


Do you need additional freelancers to work on this project?
We are always looking out for talented freelancers.
For example, we can use additional hands in the field of 3D art. So, if you are a creator of amazing 3D content, please feel free to get in touch with us and convince us with some cool references.
Moreover, we can really use some help in the fields of marketing and community management.


Are there other ways to contribute and support this project?
Sure! Please feel free to contact us if you think that you can contribute in any specific way. And just spread the word and tell other people about this game.

How is it possible to develop such a game with such a small team non-fulltime?
Content-wise it is possible because of  the Unity Asset Store. We try to use plenty of non-exclusive content already available from the store (like 3D character and environment models, sound effects and such) so that we can mostly focus on working on the game itself. In addition, from time to time, we also employ a few freelance 3D artists who develop particular 3D content that is not available in the Asset Store. Nevertheless, time and money still are limiting factors of course. So, we are also thinking about options to increase both available time and money, because this would significantly improve our workflows.


Do you plan to use crowdfunding?
Yes. While we try to get as many things done as possible, we are thankful for any support we can get. Thus, for example, successful crowdfunding would allow us to add more content (levels, monsters, etc.), or to create a budget for things like  public game servers and such.


Do you consider an Early Access approach?
Yes, but we want to be careful with this approach as we have seen some other games abuse it. If we go the early access route, our idea is to release something polishedwhich already is a lot of fun to play, with a nice amount of content and without tons of bugs.

Which engine is this based on?
The game is built with Unity.


My question is not covered here
No problem! Just get in touch with the contact form.