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A happy new year!

Hey everyone and a happy new year!

We start into 2017 and I guess it is time for a quick status update.

First, let’s start with some very good news: Malte, a good friend of mine, has officially joined the team. He will exclusively focus on the story which we both think should be an important aspect of this game. We are quite excited how everything will turn out.

Then, there is new content on the website. For example, the media section features some new and recent ingame screenshots. Visually, I think there is quite a big difference if you compare these to the old screenshots. I’ve also decided to add some new game mechanics – just take a look at the updated gameplay info page. Some descriptions on monsters have been added as well.

We still need to let people know that this game project even exists. So, we plan to start with some marketing soon. Also, chances are that we start a crowdfunding campaign some time later within this year.

Finally, let’s shortly talk about the projects progress. At this time, a significant amount of the core game code is finished. However, there is still much work to do, especially on the level-design aspects.

Well, perhaps we better should get back to work then…