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Time for some News!


I’m happy to tell you that this project has seen some nice progress in the last weeks so it really is just about time for some news.

First, Mr. Necturus has just finished the Dwarven Slayer character model design! I think it has turned out to be awesome but check it out for yourself:

The next character currently in development is the Dwarven Mage. I don’t need to say that I am pretty excited on this design as well.

Also note that the media section has been updated with some new early work-in-progress screenshots.

Then, together with a friend of mine, we have started to work on the story and lore behind this game. I do not want to push too much information yet, but be sure that there will be coming a lot in that direction. Just because this is an action-RPG game it does not mean we do not care about story here. During the christmas holidays, I will try to find some timeĀ  to work on the ingame intro video which will reveal some first aspects of the storyline.

Please keep checking back from time to time and spread the word.

Thanks & cheers,