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Pre-Summer News!

Hey everyone!

Summer is near and it’s about time for an update to let you know what’s going on with our dwarves.

Just as last year we had a great time on the Quo Vadis 2018 conference with so many inspiring conversations. Thanks a lot to everyone for all the valuable feedback and helpful advice! Also thanks to the people of Leaseweb for their prize draw. We have actually won that cute remote-controlled R2D2! You might also want to check out this German article of PC Games that mentions our game among some pretty cool other indie titles.

Do you already know that Dwarven Monster Slayers originally started as a Warcraft III custom map ?
These days, Roy is working hard to keep the community rolling while trying to get new players into the game at the same time. Also you can expect some new updates for the WCIII map soon. So, why not pull together some friends and go play a few games DMS for WCIII? You will find more nice people to play with in the DMS WCIII community discord channel.

Finally, what’s next?
I am currently very busy with working on the game environment. Pics or didn’t happen you say? Fair enough so below are 2 new screenshots.
In addition, I’m planning to create a let’s play style video that shows some actual gameplay scenes – stay tuned!

All the best,