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Dwarven Monster Slayers is a PC indie video game featuring coop multiplayer action-RPG gameplay in a grim fantasy world. In this game players slip into the roles of dwarven heroes with unique and distinctive strengths, weaknesses and personalities. Following the dwarves on their dangerous journey to recover the forgotten legacy of their forefathers, players discover a sinister underworld and fight their way through an ancient dwarven dungeon which has been taken over by hordes of trolls and goblins a long time before. While venturing deeper into the dungeon realms, the dwarves will experience that trolls are not the worst to find beneath the mountains of Kargarath. The gameplay offers a mix of fast-paced tactical battles, RPG character development and elements of survival, defense and stealth gameplay. To defeat your enemies, use whatever fits the situation, let it be brute melee combat, powerful spells or your skills, mind and team work. Finally, do not forget that the underworld holds valuable treasures and legendary secrets for brave adventurers to find.


In 2013, Moritz started to develop a Warcraft III custom map/modification called Dwarven Monster Slayers. Some time later in 2015, he decided to create a standalone indie game with the Unity engine which is roughly based on the Warcraft III map idea. While the original Warcraft III map basically had been a top-down hack and slay RPG, the standalone game features much more complex gameplay, AI simulation and a comprehensive background lore. Commonalities of both games include a strong focus on teamplay and shared dwarven characters.


  • The gameplay offers a smooth blend of action-RPG, survival, stealth and exploration elements
  • Playable alone, or with up to 5 players in coop mode
  • Explore of a vast and mysterious dwarven dungeon which is populated by various creatures which try to make their own way through
  • A strong focus on teamplay. Characters have distinctive strengths and weaknesses
  • Reveal a complex background lore which deals with the underworld of Kargarath and the fate of the Berethil dwarves


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Gameplay Preview #1 Vimeo



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Original Warcraft III map
This game originates to a Warcraft III custom map. You can get it here: hiveworkshop.com.

About Mad Dungeon

Mad Dungeon currently is 2 guys, Moritz and Malte. We are a small but passionate indie video game studio. Essentially, we both love to play video games with friends on Friday evenings over good old LAN. This motivates us to create interesting games we would actually like to play ourselves. Moritz is an experienced indie video game developer who loves to create games and who takes care of programming, level design and overall game design. Malte is a true veteran of pen and paper role playing games and all dedicated to fantasy background stories. He takes care of most things related to storywriting and lore design. Also, from time to time, we occupy freelancing 3d artists to create particular content. Currently, we do all our game development activities next to full-time jobs during our free time. However, we both can imagine to professionally develop games in case that our first project is a success. At least, we already have much more game ideas ready and waiting. Our first official project is Dwarven Monster Slayers. If you like it, please spread the word - we are thankful for any support.

More information
More information on Mad Dungeon, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Dwarven Monster Slayers Credits

Moritz aka moco
Lead game developer


Alexander Spivak aka mr. Necturus
3D Artist, Freelancer

3D Artist, Freelancer

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